Licensed Flight Dispatcher Full-time Job

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Job Details

b Purpose

Job Purpose

To exercise operational control and supervision of flights to fulfil the legal requirements of General Civil Aviation Administration (GCAA). To act as a close link between the aircraft in flight and the ground services and also between aircrew and other third parties, such as handling agents.

Job Outline

Analyze and determine routes and flight altitudes for each Emirates flight, based on economical (such as Overflight Permission charges), meteorological, safety, legal and communication requirements. This includes, analyzing and negotiating 'User Preferred Routes' on a tactical basis with the relevant Air Traffic Control (ATC) organizations. Calculate and manage fuel requirements for each Emirates flight, based on economical, meteorological and safety standards.

Ensure selection of take-off- destination- enroute- fuel- and Extended Twin Operations (ETOPS) alternate airports for each Emirates flight as per legal and company requirements. Conduct ETOPS diversion and ETP strategy analysis for each ETOPS flight as per air law and company requirements.

Calculate take-off and landing performance as well as regulated weights for each Emirates flight as per legal requirements. Quantify effect on commercial payload and liaise with Ops Control, EK Skycargo and load control. This includes the assessment and calculation of performance penalties due to meteorological and technical reasons. To minimize commercial impact on Emirates flights. Based on all above, to optimize commercial payload capability for each Emirates flight by adapting route, speed and altitude parameters within the legal framework.

Collate and sign the Flight Release as per legal and company requirements for each Emirates flight. Prepare and file ATC flight plan for each Emirates flight and ensure that Flight Release, Computer Flight Plan and all briefing documentation is provided to the operating crew in time for briefing at Dubai and all outstations.

Manage and avoid potential delays by negotiating airport and airway slots with the respective government agencies worldwide.

Monitor flights until safe touchdown and ensure that these remain inside a safe envelope in regards to weather, technical problems, airport availability, traffic flow and security threats.

If a flight is in danger of deviating from said safe envelope, to safeguard the operation by developing an alternative plan of action. Communicate and liaise with air traffic control, engineering, station staff and flight crew in order to recover the situation. Support flight crew during decision making or trouble shooting processes.

Support Dispatch Duty Manager during disruption events.

Periodically perform quality checks on General Handling Agent (GHA) briefing and dispatch services at outstations as part of Route Familiarization Flights.


Qualifications & Experience

Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or equivalent)


5+ Years of Flight Operations experience


GCAA dispatch license and at least one year experience in exercising its privileges or ICAO dispatch license recognised by the GCAA, license verification letter by the issuing authority, at least three years documented experience exercising its privileges.

or - At least five years documented experience as a dispatcher for a major airline, in case no flight dispatch license exists or is required in the particular state (e.g. EASA region).

Proficiency in computerized Flight Planning

Proficiency in computerized Flight Watch Safety

Company Description
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