Specialist Project and Research Full-time Job

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Job Details

Key Responsibilities/Duties

Strategy and Planning

Assist in the development, implementation, and update of the section related policy, procedures manual, delegation of authority, systems user manuals, and standard forms, and ensure alignment with UAEAA’s overall policies and procedures.

Assist in the development, implementation, and update of the section’s strategic, budget and procurement, and operational plans, ensuring alignment with the department and sector’s strategy and objectives, and UAEAA’s mission and vision.

Ensure to meet individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Operations (with sub-headings)

Assist in the planning and development of projects, research and initiatives to support UAEAA’s overall objectives.

Assist in the development of project plan to support the efficient execution of programs and projects.

Assist in communicating with organizational units regarding project needs and status.

Assist in the development of an integrated methodology for project management.

Conduct project risk assessment to identify of potential risks during project execution and mitigate those risks.

Assist in developing and reviewing the guidelines and criteria to measure projects status as per the agreed timeframe.

Assist in conducting internal awareness campaigns and workshops to cascade strategic and operational projects and initiatives throughout UAEAA’s organizational units.

Assist in conducting periodic review of the Corporate Performance Management Cycle by organizing meetings with UAEAA’s organizational units to monitor and follow up the execution of the projects and initiatives.

Assist in the preparation of UAEAA strategic and operational performance reports related to projects and initiatives in accordance with the approved plan for review and submission.

Assist in analysing projects performance, identifying gaps and recommending corrective actions in cooperation with UAEAA’s organizational units; as well as assist in monitoring and following up of the implementation of corrective actions, and reflect progress on the strategic and operational performance reports.

Support UAEAA’s organizational units’ strategic and operational initiatives and assist in monitoring progress to ensure completion of projects as per the agreed timeframe.

Conduct research studies related to UAEAA mandate that will support the execution of the strategy.

Conduct benchmarking activities with other entities with similar mandates for better assessment of UAEAA’s operational performance.

Talent Management and Development

Ensure completion of required trainings and certification programs in order to keep current with job requirements and ensure continuous performance improvements.

Obtain timely performance review assessments for midyear and annual performance review and ensure to meet the set KPIs.

Keep current with updated information relevant to the role to ensure standard performance level is achieved.

Company Description
Our Mission
At the UAE Accountability Authority (UAEAA), we are custodians of more than just accounts; we are guardians of the future. Upholding transparency, integrity, and excellence, we navigate the forefront of the industry as pioneers. Our mission is twofold: to bolster financial precision and accountability, and by doing so, protect public funds which are the bedrock for future generations. We strive to secure a stable and reliable economic landscape that serves both businesses and individuals, ensuring that today's resources are preserved and utilized for tomorrow's prosperity.
Our Culture
Our doors open to a world where professionalism meets passion. We believe in fostering a culture where every team member feels valued and inspired to reach their full potential. Here, your voice matters, your work has impact, and your growth is our priority.