Social Supervisor Full-time Job

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Job Details

Operational duties and responsibilities

Receiving juveniles placed in the center and following up on the completion of placement procedures by providing the necessary information about the procedures and controls for them, handing over personal tools and supplies, and distributing the juveniles to the rooms and places designated for them according to the needs and different age groups.

Supervising the work of the health staff regarding providing primary health care to juveniles and following up on initial and periodic tests and examinations, and medications according to the cases.

Supervising the safety and care of juveniles by following them up during activities and intervention programs based on intervention plans from specialists, ensuring the provision of proper nutrition according to the cases and taking into account exceptional and health requirements (for example: those with allergies to certain foods or diabetics).

Contributing to the implementation of appropriate programs and care plans for juveniles in coordination with program providers, psychologists, and rehabilitation specialists (example: educational, religious, awareness, sports, and artistic programs).

Monitoring the general behavior of juveniles by actively participating with them in activities and conducting individual interviews to work on building a professional relationship with them to facilitate the task of advice and guidance according to the guidance of specialists.

Measuring juvenile behavior according to the behavior evaluation model and submitting periodic reports to relevant specialists with the aim of developing improvement plans for intervention programs.

Monitoring the periodic needs of juveniles and submitting them to rehabilitation specialists to take the necessary measures to develop exceptional programs (whether rehabilitation programs, workshops, etc.) or provide them in accordance with intervention plans according to the cases.

Implementing the recommendations of the psychologist and rehabilitation specialist regarding exceptional measures against juveniles placed in detention in accordance with the response to intervention programs.

Supervising and following up on visits and communications with their families on a regular basis and submitting reports to the specialist if developments are noticed during implementation.

Protecting juveniles by implementing security and safety standards, resolving problems and resolving disputes between them in partnership with the security personnel present from Dubai Police inside the center and taking the necessary measures to solve problems and ensure non-recurrence.

Attending external activities with events in external entities that contribute to providing rehabilitation programs (for example: recreational and artistic activities and sports matches).

Enabling juveniles to manage financial allocations for daily expenses from juvenile secretariats by identifying and coordinating periodic needs and ensuring their provision by suppliers.

Commitment to the information security policies and procedures approved by the Authority and working to comply with controls to ensure the confidentiality of information.

Any other tasks and competencies within the scope of job responsibilities.


Educational requirements

Diploma or Bachelor's degree in Education, Social Service, Psychology, or equivalent.

Proficiency in two languages (Arabic, English, Urdu, or any additional language)

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