Senior Robotics Engineer Full-time Job

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Development of a comprehensive behavior-based decision-making framework, tailored to the diverse challenges of autonomous driving.

Design, implement, and optimize behavior trees and state machines to ensure adaptability and efficiency across different vehicle dynamics and applications.

Construct complex autonomous behaviors using modular behavior blocks, with a focus on system scalability and maintainability.

Address complex decision-making scenarios that present multiple viable behavior options, providing clear and effective solutions.

Adapt the decision-making framework for a variety of environments, including urban, highway, off-road, and specialized scenarios such as parking and emergency situations.

Conduct in-depth evaluations to validate and optimize the decision-making architecture, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of the decision-making module with various vehicle systems.

Stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies in autonomous driving and decision-making algorithms and integrate these advancements into our systems.

Produce extensive technical documentation, offer support to internal teams, and promote understanding and adoption of the decision-making framework.


Proven experience in developing decision-making algorithms specifically for autonomous vehicles, with a focus on diverse environments and vehicle types.

Strong programming skills in languages such as C++ and Python, backed by a solid foundation in algorithm design and system architecture.

Deep understanding of various decision-making approaches, including Rule-Based Methods, Optimization Methods, Probabilistic Methods, Statistical Learning-Based Methods, Deep Learning-Based Methods, Reinforcement Learning-Based Methods.

In-depth knowledge of utility-based decision-making, behavior trees, state machines, and planning languages like PDDL.

Practical experience with coordination in multi-vehicle systems and addressing the unique challenges posed by autonomous vehicles.

Excellent problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and attention to detail.

Outstanding communication and teamwork skills, with a demonstrated ability to lead in interdisciplinary settings.

Commitment to continuous learning, staying updated on the latest in autonomous driving, decision-making algorithms, and related technologies.

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