Senior Occupational Therapist Full-time Job

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Job Details

Operational responsibilities and duties

Evaluating the cases of children in the early intervention unit is an evaluation based on self-care skills, fine motor skills, the sensory aspect, pre-writing skills, and cognitive skills, in addition to assessing the extent of the need for orthodontic and prosthetic devices and modifying the surrounding environment.

Preparing comprehensive intervention plans related to the fine motor aspects, adaptive aspects, self-care skills, sensory aspect, pre-writing skills, perceptual skills, and small motor skills for children resulting from the in-depth assessment in the field and incorporating the observations of the occupational therapist resulting from the initial assessment

Providing rehabilitation sessions in the field of early intervention with a cross-disciplinary methodology that includes self-care skills, the sensory aspect, pre-writing skills, and cognitive skills to assist children in daily life activities.

Preparing training plans for parents of children in the fine motor field to train them in the necessary intervention methods to support them at home and in various external circumstances.

Preparing training plans for service providers for children in schools and service providers in private and governmental external agencies in the field of occupational therapy and working to ensure the provision of services to children efficiently and effectively.

Ensuring the implementation of programs to integrate children into society and schools and ensuring the implementation of the rehabilitation strategies contained in the rehabilitation plan in the children’s natural environment by following up on the outcomes of the sessions provided by the special education specialist and comparing them with the set goals.

Measuring the children’s development and the suitability of the intervention plan in self-care skills, fine motor skills, the sensory aspect, pre-writing skills, and cognitive skills on a regular basis, comparing the observed improvement with the goals set and the children’s natural development, and modifying the treatment plan according to needs.

Participating in periodic meetings with treatment teams and children’s families to discuss cases and their development and make development recommendations.

Commitment to the information security policies and procedures approved by the Authority and working to comply with controls to ensure the confidentiality of information.

Any other tasks and competencies within the scope of job responsibilities.

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