Senior Inspector Local Projects Full-time Job

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Job Details

Participate in implementing and developing the technical and field follow-up plan for local charitable projects, activities and events implemented by charitable institutions and societies licensed by the Department.

He is responsible for a specific inspection scope according to the approved geographical distribution. He is responsible for collecting daily reports from inspectors and inventorying the materials and funds confiscated within his scope.

Follow up, implement and direct the performance of inspectors in the field and work to solve any problems that arise directly and in accordance with the directions and powers delegated to him.

Daily field inspection of establishments of all types and locations according to the approved annual plan and itineraries in the morning and evening.

Ensure that facilities comply with local systems, regulations, orders and laws regulating charitable work.

Conducting field trips to identify and follow up on violating parties according to the specified itinerary to ensure that the violation is removed and not repeated.

He uses the judicial authority granted to him to give notice (request to appear / warning / arrest report) and whatever powers are based in the event of a transgression or violation in one of the facilities or places, as well as confiscating all means of donations in violation and handing over the confiscated materials according to the executive plan and the allocation according to the procedures followed in that regard.

Following up on charitable projects, relief fundraising campaigns, and all fundraising events and activities carried out within the country by licensed charitable institutions and associations.

Participate in the committees for inventorying, inventorying and classifying seized items and confiscated amounts and preparing the delivery report to the concerned authorities in accordance with the system.

Recording data in the computer through the electronic control device linked to the system and performing maintenance and periodic updates to databases.

Preparing all necessary technical data reports, especially regarding performance indicators, in coordination with department employees.

Follow-up and control of the implementation of seasonal projects such as (the sacrificial animal slaughter project (within the country) - licensed Ramadan tents), as well as monitoring of clothing containers and piggy banks, as well as monitoring of social media and audio, visual and print media in Dubai areas.

Contact and communicate with organizational entities and units inside or outside the department according to the directives of the direct official.

Preparing and drafting drafts of memos, correspondence, and minutes of meetings related to its work, archiving them, and following up on the implementation of its recommendations.

Follow up on the decisions and circulars issued related to his work, and ensure that they are implemented and implemented in accordance with the rules, regulations and followed procedures.

Compliance with the department's security policies and procedures.

Demonstrate commitment to attending security awareness workshops.

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