Senior Engineer Full System Simulation Full-time Job

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Job Details

Key Accountabilities:

Lead the development of the Full System Simulation infrastructure, emphasizing a unified and robust platform, utilizing expertise in Python, C++, Matlab, and Synthetic Environment.

Develop detailed models for targets, threats, and electronic warfare scenarios within the Full System Simulation environment.

Integrate 6DOF, Seeker, Target, Threat, EW, and synthetic physical models into the Full System Simulation, ensuring seamless functionality and accuracy.

Validate the Full System Simulation model with flight test data, ensuring alignment with actual performance outcomes.

Conduct Monte-Carlo Simulations to rigorously validate and optimize missile system designs under varying conditions.

Qualify weapon systems through comprehensive Full System Simulation, ensuring compliance with performance and operational standards.

Take a lead role in the development of Full System Simulation software, focusing on Python, C++, Matlab, and Synthetic Environment, creating a unified, robust platform.

Utilize advanced programming skills to optimize and enhance the performance of Full System Simulation software, addressing complex technical challenges.

Apply expertise in modeling vehicles, terrain features, atmospheric conditions, and sensor properties within the synthetic environment, ensuring accurate physics-based representation for simulations.

Assist in the validation process, ensuring Full System Simulation models align with actual flight test data and meet established performance criteria. Implement Reality Twin and maintain the connection on Hardware and Synthetic Simulation.

Provide technical expertise in conducting Monte-Carlo simulations to validate missile system designs and assess performance under varying conditions.

Incorporate Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing methodologies to validate and enhance the Full System Simulation, ensuring seamless interaction with physical hardware components for comprehensive testing.

Continuously work to optimize the performance and efficiency of Full System Simulation software and hardware integrations, identifying opportunities for enhancement and improvement.

Experience & Education Qualifications:

Minimum: 6 years of experience in full system simulation for missile systems with a focus on software development and integration, including programing and modelling using advanced modelling techniques.

Preferred: : 10+ years of experience in a similar development-focused role within the defense industry.

Minimum: Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field

Preferred: Master's degree or Ph.D. in Engineering or related field.

Company Description
HALCON has developed in-house expertise across the entire value chain for gravity-release bomb guidance systems. This includes design, development, testing, manufacturing and assembly. Our end-to-end capabilities ensure exceptional quality and competitive pricing. As well, we are faster and more flexible in meeting customer requirements.
Our work on these systems begins with research and development informed by customer requirements and market trends. Our production facilities deliver high-tolerance, high-precision components and sub-systems, finished through our full assembly line services. This results in systems with the highest performance, reliability and safety.