Security Auditor Full-time Job

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Job Details

We are looking for passionate smart contract security researchers or developers.

Candidates should have a strong understanding of security primitives and be up-to-date with current exploits. Awareness of the current DeFi landscape is a big plus, and experience with exploitation techniques of financial protocols is a valued skill. You should also be aware of how the EVM works, and the idiosyncrasies which can lead to vulnerabilities when developers don’t properly understand them. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the brightest minds in the space, to see how we approach hacking, threat modelling, scanning, auditing, designing and enhancing the security of smart contracts across the board.

Alongside client work, we also provide you with plenty of time for research and development efforts where you can push the state of the art and science of blockchain security.

Most of the work can be done remotely from wherever you are; little travel is anticipated (most of the team works remotely around the world). Along with a focus on technical excellence, we also believe firmly that culture and processes play an essential role in security.

We are looking for exceptionally intellectual, bright and technically driven individuals who can communicate their ideas clearly while working with clients to achieve their security objectives.


Experience developing and building on top of DeFi protocols or other smart contracts

Experience describing or assessing smart contract specific security risks

Demonstrated expertise with Solidity, the EVM, and blockchain

Demonstrated ability to work well with clients, and communicate clearly and concisely in a written format

Company Description
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