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Market Analysis:

Conduct an extensive market analysis to identify key prospects and potential clients in the Middle East.

Analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and the competitive landscape to identify key opportunities for strategic growth.

Sales Strategy and Execution:

Develop a targeted sales strategy that focuses on relationship building and offering unique value propositions to clients.

Allocate resources effectively to ensure efficient sales execution and achievement of targets.

Regularly assess and adjust the sales strategy based on market feedback and changing dynamics.

Relationship Management:

Establish and maintain strong relationships with early customers to ensure long-term retention and continuous growth.

Implement a robust customer relationship management system to track customer interactions and identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Operational Efficiency and Profit Margin Optimization:

Implement streamlined operational processes to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Regularly assess and optimize operational processes to improve profit margins.

Monitor and control costs to ensure profitability while maintaining high-quality service delivery.

Quarterly Income Forecast and Reporting:

Develop a comprehensive income forecasting model to project quarterly earnings accurately.

Regularly report income and sales performance to the CEO, providing detailed insights and analysis of key metrics and trends.

Cash Collection Activities:

Develop and implement effective cash collection strategies to ensure timely payments from clients.

Monitor accounts receivable and implement measures to minimize delinquencies and bad debts.

Pitch Development and Recruitment:

Take the lead in pitch development, working closely with the creative team and key stakeholders to deliver compelling presentations to clients.

Recruit and train additional account management and sales representatives to support business expansion and achieve the 7-figure revenue target.

Executive Meetings and Reporting:

Actively participate in quarterly executive meetings in Europe, providing comprehensive updates on the Middle East territory's performance and strategic initiatives.

Collaborate with the CEO and other key executives to align strategies and ensure overall organizational growth and success.

Financial Projections

Provide detailed financial projections based on market analysis, sales forecasts, and operational costs, aiming to achieve the $500k sales target within the first 12 months.

Develop a clear financial roadmap highlighting the steps to achieve the 7-figure revenue target within the projected timeline.

Risk Management

Identify potential risks and challenges associated with market dynamics, operational inefficiencies, and economic fluctuations in the Middle East.

Develop risk mitigation strategies to minimize potential losses and ensure the business's long-term sustainability and growth.


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

At least 3 years of experience in a similar role

Consultant profile as you will initially be the face of the company to the clients

Proven track record in building strong, senior-level client relationships.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Strong technical knowledge of digital communication tools, methodologies, and measurement.

Self-motivated with a passion for sports and the digital communication industry.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Proactive and results-oriented approach to sales and account management.

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