Post Doctoral Fellow Full-time Job

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Job Details

As a part of the project, the researcher will have access to cutting-edge research equipment and facilities at the RIC2D lab, chemistry labs, material testing lab, Raman and AFM labs, and Electron Microscopy facility. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers and graduate students from diverse backgrounds as part of a broader team.

Position Requirements

· Conduct research on the development of electrochemical biosensors.

· Design and fabrication of biosensors using nanomaterials specially graphene materials.

· Good knowledge in electrochemical techniques such as cyclic, square wave, differential pulse voltammetry.

· Good knowledge on screen printed electrodes.

· Knowledge in electrode modifications and bioreceptor immobilization

· Conduct research on the development of DNA aptamer modified electrodes.

· Contribute to writing grants, drafting patents and attending conferences

· Working knowledge on surface characterization techniques such as SEM, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR, and XPS.

· Train new lab personnel on lab methods, safety protocols, and standard operating procedures

· Drafting project specific SOPs and risk-assessments for laboratory equipment and chemicals

· Performing analyses in collaboration with senior scientists locally and internationally

· Adhere to the University's information security and confidentiality policies and procedures, and report breaches or other security risks accordingly

· Perform any other tasks assigned by the Line Manager.

Desired Skills and Experience

Position Overview

KU is in search of a highly motivated Post-Doctoral Fellow to contribute to a funded project aimed at exploring the development of an innovative, cost-effective graphene-based electrochemical biosensing platform, along with probes and instrumentation systems. The primary goal is to detect pharmaceuticals in environmental and biological samples. The project entails designing and testing DNA aptamers, studying graphene oxide and rGO synthesis, electrode modifications, and assessing electrode reproducibility and stability post-characterization to determine the optimal design for scale-up production.

Additionally, the project involves developing electrochemical biosensing systems integrated with smartphones for prototype development. The biosensors' performance will be evaluated using real samples. The ideal candidate should possess experience in developing electrochemical biosensors, particularly immunosensors and aptasensors, as well as expertise in nanomaterials and characterization techniques.

Company Description
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