Officer Investigation Full-time Job

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Job Details


Receives, records, and reviews the case file and all attached documents including client history to gain a thorough understanding of the case

Identifies chain of offenses, legal necessities, required number of interviews, necessary evidences, and methods of evidence collection for Investigation plan preparation and outlines the legal framework under which the case is being created and investigated

Determines the need for technical opinions (internal) and support from external agencies ex: search warrants

Documents investigation plan by specifying the concerned parties involved, scope of investigation, preparing the interview questions, tentative dates, time, location, and legal necessities for the interview and forwards it to team lead for approval

Seeks technical opinion from Legal or other Business Units, and information from concerned departments, when required, and restudies the case after receiving the relevant opinion(s) and reviews the relevance of the responses in the case investigated

Seeks external authority support when required and according to specified MOUs to tackle and complete all possible evidences needed to solve the case

Retrieves the required evidences from client premises (additional pictures, client information, visit the crime scene, intelligence information, additional info from other business units) & updates the case file

Examines samples of detained goods during the investigation and validates information received for relevance, correctness and completeness of information and structure and index the case file

Interviews the client, maintains interview protocol, and presents evidences if client denies charges

Prepares interview report (in Arabic) that includes the investigation/interview record, analysis & conclusion, case index, and attaches relevant documents

Analyzes and reviews the investigation results and makes a decision either to continue the investigation or prepare the final report

Prepares investigation report and sends it to Team Lead for review and approval along with technical reports written by technical experts and recommendations made in the case (action to be taken)

Performa all the assigned tasks from the line manager with reliability, honesty, and discretion


Attends training programs to improve competency levels and skills necessary to achieve investigation tasks

Inducts new Investigation Officers into their roles by explaining existing processes and procedures

Offers guidance and support to Investigation Officers as and when required

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