Manager Treasury Full-time Job

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Job Details


11 13 Years of Industry Experience out of which 6-7 years should be in corporate Treasury in UAE.

Primary Interactions



Corporate Treasury Team, Finance team of SBU Units, Sales Team, Distributors.

Vendor, Banks, Financial Institution.

Responsibility Area


Primary Responsibilities

Responsible for Investments On short & long term products

Foreign Exchange To work on forward deal / Spot deal.

Borrowing Monitoring borrowing Movement.

To establish & maintain relationship with banks.

To look for opportunities for short term & long term investments.

To ensure efficient utilisation of funds at all IBD subsidiaries.

Forex management

To review and reconcile all foreign exchange contracts, positions- including settlement instructions to the banks and internal teams.

To review the status of transactions, accounting and reconciliations for all forex exposure at a group level.

Review of Treasury

To monitor bank accounts and credit facilities (including pricing and other terms) with multiple banks, review all new facilities across all locations, execute direct action on unresolved and un-accounted items and reconciliations - with a view to streamline the process and resolve items in an orderly and process bound manner.

FX Hedging

To work out alternate ways of hedging FX exposure for countries where forwards & Futures are not available.

To track currencies and taking preventive steps for any expected currency depreciation.

To ensure the FX hedging is done as per FOREX policy and to evaluate hedge effectiveness.

Bank Limits

To arrange banking relationship for all subsidiaries.

To negotiate bank charges and the opening of new bank accounts to fulfil banking needs.

To get bank working capital limits and capex loans.

Arbitrage Opportunities

To analyse the Investments in lines with FX instruments to tap any forex arbitrage opportunities.

To explore Letter of Credit discounting opportunities which provide benefit of interest arbitrage.


To review MIS and reports prepared by Finance managers across subsidiaries and redesigning those MIS to address additional future requirement if any.

To manage related party receivables and exposure across all group entities

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