Lead Advanced Care Paramedic Full-time Job

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Job Details


Graduate of Bachelor of Applied Science - Paramedicine or Emergency Medical Services

Valid ACLS, PALS, PHTLS Certification

Previous experience in a supervisory or leadership role within an EMS department is preferred

Must be License as Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) under DOH Abu Dhabi

Job Responsibilities:

Supervise and coordinate the daily operations of the Emergency Medical Services department, ensuring efficient workflow, compliance with protocols, and adherence to quality and safety standards; including the preparation of the EMS team roster and take part of covering the roster in the provision of advanced paramedic care to patients in the hospital setting, including emergency response, triage, treatment, and transportation as needed.

Provide guidance and support to paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and other EMS personnel, ensuring adherence to established standards and protocols.

Conduct regular performance evaluations, providing feedback, recognition, and addressing any performance issues within the EMS team.

Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, departments, and external agencies to ensure seamless patient care coordination and effective communication.

Ensure the availability and readiness of EMS resources, including ambulances, equipment, and supplies.

Oversee the inventory management of medical supplies, medications, and equipment used by the EMS department.

Monitor and evaluate the EMS department's performance, identifying areas for improvement and implementing appropriate changes.

Maintain accurate records, documentation, and reports related to EMS activities, incidents, and patient outcomes.

Foster a positive and supportive work environment that promotes teamwork, professionalism, and a commitment to patient-centered care within the EMS department.

Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of each client's unique requirements, including their specific medical services, protocols, and patient populations.

Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as medical directors, physicians, and nursing staff, to ensure seamless integration and coordination of services for clients.

Act as a subject matter expert and provide guidance to clients on EMS-related matters, including best practices, regulatory compliance, and quality improvement initiatives.

Participate in client meetings, presentations, and discussions to address their concerns, answer questions, and provide updates on EMS services.

Facilitate regular communication channels with clients to gather feedback, assess satisfaction levels, and identify opportunities for service improvements.

Proactively identify potential issues or challenges that may impact client satisfaction or service delivery, and work collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to implement effective solutions.

Collaborate with the hospital's marketing and communications team to develop client-focused materials, such as brochures, presentations, and educational resources, highlighting the capabilities and value of the EMS department.

Stay informed about industry trends and advancements in EMS services, sharing relevant information and insights with clients to enhance their understanding and decision-making processes.

Advocate for clients within the EMS department, ensuring their needs are prioritized and addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

Maintain confidentiality and adhere to ethical standards when handling sensitive client information, ensuring privacy and compliance with applicable regulations.

Serve as a liaison between the EMS department and the fleet management team, ensuring the availability, readiness, and proper maintenance of ambulances and other EMS vehicles.

Collaborate with the fleet management team to develop vehicle specifications, equipment standards, and maintenance schedules that meet the needs of the EMS department and comply with regulatory requirements.

Coordinate with the fleet management team to ensure timely repairs, servicing, and inspections of EMS vehicles, minimizing downtime and ensuring fleet readiness for emergency responses.

Facilitate communication between the EMS department and the medical staff teams, including physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals, to ensure seamless collaboration and integration of medical services.

Lead the delivery of events medical management services, working closely with event organizers, venue management, and other stakeholders to ensure the provision of high-quality medical care during events.

Coordinate with the events management team to assess the medical needs and risks associated with specific events, developing comprehensive medical response plans and resource allocation strategies.

Provide guidance and training to EMS personnel involved in events medical management, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle event-related emergencies and provide appropriate medical interventions.

Collaborate with external agencies, such as local emergency services, law enforcement, and fire departments, to establish effective communication and coordination protocols for emergency response and mutual aid situations.

Participate in emergency preparedness and disaster management initiatives, contributing to the development of emergency response plans, protocols, and training programs to ensure the readiness of the EMS department.

Company Description
Incorporated in 2011, Via Medica International Healthcare (VMIH) is a unique, wholly US-owned and managed organization specializing in multiple areas within the healthcare sector such as:
o Clinical Medicine Operations
o Operation and Management of Healthcare Facilities
o Healthcare Consulting
o Internationally Recognized Certification Training
o Academic Healthcare Education Program Development
Our diverse capabilities include occupational medical services, pre-hospital clinical medical services, telemedicine, internationally recognized & certified training courses, recruitment, hospital management and accreditation services, specialized clinic development, concierge/executive health services, and remote clinic management. Via Medica International provides these services in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner for government, civilian, industrial, military, and law enforcement clients.
VMIH is an Abu Dhabi, UAE based onshore company. Our headquarters is located in the EBIFS Building (Opposite Al Jazeera Club). In addition, we maintain three local branch offices in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman that support our service offering throughout the Middle East.
VMIH is currently providing manpower, broad healthcare management services, and establishing a regional, world-class VMIH-American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center to provide a full range of internationally recognized & certified training courses for medical and non-medical personnel working in the fields of industry, law enforcement, medicine, military, and civil defense.
We conduct our business practice in strict accordance to all applicable US and host nation laws governing commercial and government entities. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and business ethics.