Kotlin Multiplatform Engineer Full-time Job

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Job Details


SDK Development and System Architecture: Design, development, and optimization of Kotlin Multiplatform SDK. Ensure your code is robust, user-friendly, and reliable through rigorous testing.

Collaboration and Documentation: Craft clear, comprehensive documentation for SDK. Offer proactive support to developers, guiding seamless integration and troubleshooting potential issues to safeguard user assets. Collaborate with product and design teams to understand what the user needs and find efficient solutions.


Minimum 4 years of software engineering experience, with a strong focus on Kotlin and SDK/Library development.

Familiar with the Android ecosystem, including understanding feature sets and implementing best practices across devices and operating system versions.

Proficient in web technologies with the ability to effectively write and debug JS-based applications.

Knowledgeable about Swift and the Apple ecosystem.

Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work autonomously within a fast-paced, high-stakes environment.

Excellent communication skills, with a proactive approach to client support and team collaboration.

Adept in modern development practices, including automated testing and continuous integration for library development.

Company Description
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