IT Manager Full-time Job

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Job Details

Takes care of correct handling of hardware, peripheral equipment, proper working conditions (Temperature, Power earthing, etc.) and the training of staff to use and maintain the equipment they need for their daily work.

Maintains good relationship to local hardware dealers and maintenance contractors.

Responsible for Hardware Maintenance.

Knows about content and rules to be respected described within our hardware maintenance contracts and does not interfere in stipulated rules of conduct.

Ensures that all software handbooks and manuals are available to users and that newer versions always replace older versions as instructed or according the guidelines agreed with Corporate Information Technology.

Uses and installs software in accordance with the software licensing laws and installs only correctly licensed software. Software licenses are to be filed in a safe place in case of inspection.

Copyrights any kind of developed software or related programs or applications produced in the hotel and/or with hotel’s equipment or within regular duty remains at all times integral property of the hotel operation.

He/she is aware about the company standard and therefore adheres to it for implementation.

Acts as Data Security Officer for the systems and is therefore responsible for operational OS and program security. Ensures the integrity and back-up of data within the user files.

Supervises and/or performs the back-up procedures of the software and ensures that total backups are performed at regular intervals and are kept in a secure place to ensure that the operation will not suffer in case of a disk crash or other hazards.

Two times a year and as instructed by the Corporate Information Technology he/she executes a practical Restore to check if operated backup procedures are working 100 per cent.

Monitors and adjusts file sizes and file activities and analyses problems before they influence the operation.

Scans all storage material regularly for viruses, installs virus detection software, and at all times is aware of virus infection by restricting access to floppy disk drives and hard disks by user directly.

Acts in accordance with the Data Processing and Data Protection laws of the country and keeps related confidentiality at all times.

Responsible for the safe storage of all user authorizations (user id and passwords) for all applications within the Hotel as well as for the management of new user authorizations or changes to existing authorizations.

Responsible for IT Expenditure planning, budgeting and approval process for the Hotel.

Is responsible for Compliance with the IT Policies and Guidelines

Keeps all systems, networks, hardware and software properly documented at all time.

Informs IT management regularly about new trends and experiences in other sister or competitor hotels re. IT matters.

Is always reachable within and outside the hotel by any kind of communication device for problems occurring during and outside of his/her duty time in the hotel operation.

Will train all staff to use the software to the advantage of their performance and to the hotel’s benefit in increasing efficiency.

Is ensuring within the property that the Data quality can be maintained by the operations people. (Properly running systems, proper training to the users for usage of systems, eventually process reviews with the responsible department heads, recurring review of data quality, etc.)


Education background in Computer Science

3 years of experience in the field of Information Technology (IT)

Proficiency and expertise in cloud solutions, Microsoft solutions, Windows environment

Effective communication and negotiation skills, enabling successful interactions with various stakeholders

Strong self and work organization skills, ability to work independently within a clarified framework

Ability to perform multiple tasks in a complex environment

Exceptional organizational abilities, ensuring efficient management of tasks and projects.

Experience in Hospitality as a valuable asset

Company Description
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