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1- Seizing the movables belonging to the person against whom the execution was carried out, by moving to the headquarters and taking a detailed inventory of the (debtor’s) movable property, evaluating it, and preserving it, either by changing the company’s locks and closing, or by appointing a guard over the seizures, writing a report on that, and presenting it to a judge. Implementation if necessary. Then, the rest of the procedures related to the seizure process are completed (after the issuance of a decision by His Excellency the Execution Judge to seize the movables and assets of the person against whom the execution was executed at its headquarters in all types of execution files and lawsuits) (commercial, civil, labor, real estate execution, rents, the notary’s document, and the center’s rulings). Financial and urgent matters, civil, urgent matters, commercial, urgent matters, labor, execution of checks, temporary legal, execution of criminal rulings, execution of committees and lawsuits, commercial reservation, labor reservation, real estate reservation, legal execution, the conditions of the lives of Muslims and the estates of Muslims, and The estates of non-Muslims, the personal status of non-Muslims, an order based on a legal petition, an order based on a commercial petition, an order based on a labor petition, the sale of mortgaged property, the sale of mortgaged property, the sale of mortgaged movable property, and other cases in which a transfer and seizure decision is issued) are received. The task is carried out by the execution officer, and the latter scrutinizes and reviews all the legal procedures that precede the seizure in preparation for the transfer, and then moves to the company’s headquarters after communicating with the person requesting the execution and providing guidance on the company’s location. Upon the arrival of the execution officer, he offers to pay the value of the claim to the executor. Against him and collect the amount, and in the event of refusal to pay, the enforcement officer shall take an inventory of all movables in the company, detailing their number and description, and determine their value, whatever their type, whether electronic devices, electrical equipment, chemical raw materials, building materials, vehicles, office tools, boats, etc. Of the money that takes the status of movable property, and after the inventory is complete and to preserve the seizures, the enforcement officer takes all measures to preserve the seizures, including appointing a judicial guard and preparing a letter by placing a travel ban sign against him or closing the headquarters and placing a closure sticker on the outer door, and a letter is prepared. A report thereof and submitting it to His Excellency the Execution Judge for approval)2- Seizing what the debtor owns from a third party by moving to the third party’s headquarters and addressing a person with legal capacity to seize any funds belonging to the person against whom it was executed and assigning him to prepare a report within two weeks and present it to the Execution Judge. (.) After the issuance of a decision by His Excellency the Execution Judge to seize the movables or other funds of the debtor against whom the execution was executed with a third party at its headquarters, a report is prepared and presented to His Excellency the Execution Judge for approval, and the addressee is instructed to prepare a report within 7 working days regarding the other returned funds. The person executed against him, under penalty of legal responsibility for that.3- Appointing guards over what was previously closed after inventorying, matching, and pledging to maintain the seized items and replacing the guarding in accordance with the procedures. (After issuing a decision from His Excellency the Execution Judge to appoint a judicial guard to a place that was previously seized or to replace the judicial guard Previously, we go to the company’s headquarters and match the seized items that were previously seized and inventory them, and then the enforcement officer appoints a judicial guard for the applicant and prepares a letter indicating a travel ban against him, and a report is prepared about that and presented to His Excellency the enforcement judge for approval.)

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