Head of Projects Full-time Job

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Job Details

Lead the Project Department for all projects, reporting directly to the General Manager.

Manage and oversee the project team to ensure effective project execution and service delivery.

Take responsibility for the Profit and Loss (P&L) of projects from handover until completion (Provisional Acceptance Certificate and Final Acceptance Certificate).

Direct new line of revenue for the department.

Assist the General Manager in preparation, implementation and monitoring of the department’s annual budget and ensure that the budget targets are met, and revenue flows are maximised and the fixed costs are minimised.

Direct, monitor, and control projects and service jobs, ensuring adherence to project management processes.

Ensure Project Team communicates with all associated departments, incorporating their needs, materials and schedule into all project plans.

Conduct regular reviews of projects on a weekly and monthly basis and provide a periodic status report to the General Manager

Ensure compliance with all contractual matter related to the projects within the department, including claims, variations, EOT, receivables, resource management,

Responsible for the review, development and maintenance of the departmental policies, procedures, processes and improving internal communications.

Responsible for the leadership, performance, line management, recruitment, training, development, appraisal, 1 2 1’s and support of direct reports, and ensure direct reports undertake similar responsibilities in these areas and aligning individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with organizational goals.

Manage conflicts within the team and promote a collaborative and target-oriented approach.

Efficiently allocate and manage resources to meet project timelines, budgets, and scope.

Implement continuous monitoring and control measures for time, cost, and scope parameters.

Maintain strong customer relationships during project execution, ensuring their satisfaction and appreciation.

Make strategic decisions and provide guidance to the team to optimize project outcomes.

Take responsibility for the welfare of staff and workers.

Ensure compliance with quality and HSE rules, practicing a zero-harm policy.

Motivate the team to achieve better outcomes and exceed expectations.

Implement management instructions and guidelines, complying with company policies.


Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a related field

Additional Information

Skills & Professional Requirements:

Strong expertise in operations management, project management, and construction management.

Demonstrated leadership and team-building capabilities.

Sound understanding of quality and HSE control practices.

Excellent client relations skills.

Experience Requirements:

The ideal candidate should have 15+ years of experience, with at least 10 years in the Middle East and GCC countries.

Attributes and Behaviours:

Leadership: Possesses strong leadership qualities and is capable of effectively leading and motivating a diverse team towards achieving project objectives.

Results-oriented: Demonstrates a focus on delivering successful outcomes and meeting project milestones and targets.

Analytical thinking: Has the ability to analyze complex project requirements and identify potential risks and opportunities for improvement.

Decision-making: Exhibits sound judgment and decisiveness in making critical decisions, considering both short-term and long-term implications.

Communication skills: Displays excellent verbal and written communication skills, effectively conveying project goals, expectations, and progress to stakeholders at all levels.

Collaboration: Promotes a collaborative work environment, fostering teamwork and cooperation among team members and cross-functional teams.

Adaptability: Can adapt quickly to changing project requirements, priorities, and unexpected challenges, and can guide the team through such siuations.

Problem-solving: Demonstrates strong problem-solving skills, capable of identifying root causes of issues and implementing effective solutions.

Strategic thinking: Possesses a strategic mindset, considering the bigger picture and long-term project objectives while making decisions and setting project direction.

Organizational skills: Exhibits excellent organizational skills, effectively managing multiple projects, tasks, and priorities simultaneously.

Attention to detail: Pays close attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and quality in project deliverables and documentation.

Ethical conduct: Upholds a high level of professional and ethical conduct, adhering to company policies, industry standards, and legal requirements.

Initiative: Takes proactive steps to identify and capitalize on opportunities for project improvement and innovation.

Resilience: Demonstrates resilience and the ability to work under pressure, maintaining composure and focus during challenging situations.

Continuous learning: Possesses a growth mindset, actively seeking opportunities for professional development and staying updated with industry trends and best practices.

Company Description
A member of Ghobash Group, EEIC is an EPC Contractor & Vendor with interests in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors of the Middle-East and UAE and was established in Abu Dhabi in 2002.

Our principal industries include Oil & Gas both onshore and offshore, petrochemical & refineries, power & utilities and infrastructure.

We are registered and pre-qualified as an EPC contractor and vendor with the ADNOC Group of Companies in the UAE and major oil and gas companies in Iraq.
The company was established in 2002 and is providing the following services:
Studies and detail design
Production marshaling and DCS Cabinets
Low current electrical systems
Power Quality monitoring & improvement
Virtual Instrumentation
Process control systems
Applied Electronic
Fire & gas, security & CCTV systems
All electrical activities in hazardous areas
Metrology & calibration
After-sale services and maintenance