Haptics Control Engineer Full-time Job

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Job Details


Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of software developers, medical professionals, and designers to define haptic requirements for surgical scenarios within the digestive cavity.

Design and implement haptic feedback algorithms that accurately replicate tactile sensations encountered during surgical procedures.

Integrate haptic actuators and sensors into the virtual reality simulator hardware to provide realistic force feedback to users.

Develop real-time control systems that enable precise and responsive haptic interactions, ensuring synchronization with virtual reality visuals and considering different surgical tasks and procedures, with factors such as force magnitude, texture, and spatial accuracy.

Collaborate with 3D artists and graphic designers to align haptic feedback with the visual representation of anatomical structures and surgical tools.

Conduct thorough testing and validation of haptic feedback to ensure accuracy, realism, and safety in simulated surgical scenarios.

Analyze user feedback and iterate on haptic algorithms and hardware configurations to enhance the overall training experience.

Stay up-to-date with advancements in haptic technologies, medical simulation, and virtual reality to incorporate innovative techniques into the simulator's development.


Proven experience in designing and implementing haptic feedback systems, preferably in virtual reality or medical simulation contexts.

Strong programming skills in languages such as C++ or Python for developing haptic control algorithms.

Familiarity with haptic actuators, sensors, and control interfaces commonly used in interactive systems.

Experience with real-time control systems, signal processing, and robotics is highly advantageous.

Understanding of surgical procedures and anatomical structures related to the digestive cavity.

Excellent problem-solving skills and a meticulous approach to optimizing haptic feedback accuracy and realism.

Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams and translate medical requirements into haptic solutions.

Prior experience on ROS and/or ROS2

A strong portfolio showcasing previous work in graphics development, virtual reality projects, or 3D visualization. This could include samples of realistic environments, interactive interfaces, and simulation

R&D profile with publications in tier 1 conferences/journals

Vision and Simulators: CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, IEEE transactions, SIGGRAPH

Virtual Reality and robotics: IEEE Virtual Reality, IROS, IJRR, ICRA, T-RO, JFR, RA-L

Familiar with agile methodologies and task management tools (Jira or similar)

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