First Mile/Last Mile Manager Full-time Job

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Position OverviewThe First / Last Mile Manager for Train Services will contribute to enhancing the overall train travel experience for Etihad Rail passengers and play a key role in shaping the future of urban mobility for the GCC. Results will lead to more efficient and customer-centric transportation solutions, promoting sustainable and accessible travel options for every user. The First Mile/Last Mile Manager will be an experienced stakeholder manager and able to navigate multiple and complex stakeholder environments across the Emirates, including the local Public Transport Authorities. This position will require experience in setting up a variety of transport options and connections for rail or similar related projects. This role will involve coordinating various transportation modes, services, and facilities to create a holistic and efficient travel experience for passengers from their starting point to their destination.The First Mile/Last Mile Manager will also have an in-depth knowledge of latest technology and innovation across ride share applications, bus, taxi, and mobility solutions, and specifically how these elements come together to make the customer journey as easy and simple as possible.

Responsibilities· Strategic Planning: Develop and implement comprehensive strategies to improve the first and last mile connectivity for train passengers, considering local infrastructure, transportation modes, and urban development.· Partnership Management: Collaborate with local transportation authorities, municipalities, ride-sharing companies, public transit agencies, and other stakeholders to establish strong partnerships that facilitate smooth passenger transfers. Negotiate agreements and contracts as needed.· Infrastructure Development: Identify areas for improvement in the first and last mile journey, such as pedestrian pathways, bicycle facilities, parking areas, and shuttle services, and work towards enhancing these aspects.· Accessibility and Inclusivity: Ensure that the first and last mile options are accessible to all passengers, including those with disabilities, senior citizens, pregnant woman by implementing necessary accommodations and facilities.· Technology Integration: Explore and suggest innovative technologies to internal team such as mobile apps, digital ticketing, and real-time information systems to provide passengers with up-to-date information and seamless transitions. · Customer Experience: Continuously enhance the passenger experience by addressing feedback, conducting surveys, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Work with all providers to ensure that connectivity solutions are available for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM).· Budget Management: Manage budget allocations for first and last mile initiatives, ensuring cost-effective solutions that align with organizational goals. · Performance Metrics: Define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) related to first and last mile services, regularly reporting to management and stakeholders on progress and areas for improvement.· Emergency Planning: Develop and implement contingency plans to address unexpected disruptions and emergencies that could impact the first and last mile travel experience.

Qualifications· Bachelor's degree in transportation management, Urban Planning, Traffic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, or a related field (advanced degree preferred).Experience: · At least 10yrs of experience in Transport or equivalent planning services· Proven experience in greenfield transportation projects· At least 5yrs experience in the Middle East and GCC· Detailed understanding of multi-modal transport solutions· Demonstrated experience of managing multiple external stakeholders and contractors as part of a wider programme of rail service delivery

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