Engineer (Electro-Optics) Full-time Job

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Job Details

Key Accountabilities:

Analyze system requirements, capacity, cost, and customer needs to determine feasibility of project and develop system plan

Design opto-electronic components and software, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, medical, military, and scientific applications

Develop and perform operational, maintenance, and testing procedures for opto-electronic products, components, equipment, and systems

Confer with engineers, customers, vendors, and others to discuss existing and potential engineering projects or products

Evaluate operational systems, prototypes, and proposals and recommend repair or design modifications based on factors such as environment, service, cost, and system capabilities

Plan and implement research, methodology, and procedures to apply principles of opto-electronic theory to engineering projects

Determine material and equipment needs and order supplies

Prepare engineering sketches and specifications for construction, relocation, and installation of equipment, facilities, products, and systems

Review and evaluate work of others, inside and outside the organization, to ensure effectiveness, technical adequacy, and compatibility in the resolution of complex engineering problems

Review or prepare budget and cost estimates for equipment, construction, and installation projects, and control expenditures

Operate computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks

Prepare documentation containing information such as confidential descriptions and specifications of proprietary hardware and software, product development and introduction schedules, product costs, and information about product performance weaknesses

Prepare necessary criteria, procedures, reports, and plans for successful conduct of the program/project with consideration given to site preparation, facility validation, installation, quality assurance, and testing

Represent employer at conferences, meetings, boards, panels, committees, and working groups to present, explain, and defend findings and recommendations, negotiate compromises and agreements, and exchange information

Work with internal departments and teams to ensure that optical systems meet all necessary performance requirements

Investigate the usage of the latest optical components, tools, materials, and technologies

Perform conceptual and preliminary designs of optical systems and tolerance analysis

Support production facilities in the manufacture and assembly of optical systems

Company Description
HALCON has developed in-house expertise across the entire value chain for gravity-release bomb guidance systems. This includes design, development, testing, manufacturing and assembly. Our end-to-end capabilities ensure exceptional quality and competitive pricing. As well, we are faster and more flexible in meeting customer requirements.
Our work on these systems begins with research and development informed by customer requirements and market trends. Our production facilities deliver high-tolerance, high-precision components and sub-systems, finished through our full assembly line services. This results in systems with the highest performance, reliability and safety.