Embedded Vision Developer Full-time Job

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Job Details


Develop and maintain automated test frameworks specifically tailored to evaluate the performance of robotic systems.

Enhance and optimize CI/CD pipelines, focusing on the unique requirements of robotic software and hardware integration.

Define and implement key performance metrics for robotic localization, such as accuracy, reliability, and resilience to outliers.

Develop testing strategies for robotic perception systems, including metrics for obstacle detection and tracking accuracy.

Create test plans for robotic navigation, focusing on path tracking accuracy, oscillation detection during movement, and overall system efficiency.

Establish decision-making metrics to assess the efficacy and reliability of robotic decision processes.

Collaborate with robotics engineers to integrate these metrics into the overall development and testing cycle.

Analyze test results and provide insightful feedback to guide improvements in robot performance and reliability.

Stay updated with the latest advancements in robotics and automation testing methodologies.


Proven experience in test automation and CI/CD pipeline development, preferably in a robotics context.

Experience in version control (e.g git), docker

Experience in building deployment pipeline preferably in a robotics context

Knowledge of robotic systems, including localization, perception, navigation, and decision-making algorithms.

Proficiency with automation tools (e.g. Jenkins) and scripting languages (Python, Java).

Experience in developing and implementing performance metrics for robotic systems.

Strong analytical skills, with the ability to interpret complex data and provide actionable insights.

Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.

Effective communication and collaboration skills, capable of working in cross-functional teams.

Familiarity with robotic simulation tools and environments is a plus.

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