CISO Full-time Job

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Job Details


· Manage the implementation and achievement of cybersecurity objectives and goals.

· Support the development, allocation and utilization of cybersecurity budget and exercise expenditure controls where applicable.

· Advise the management on the entity’s risk levels, security posture, cost/benefit analysis of information security programs, policies, processes and systems.

· Lead and oversee information security budget, staffing, and contracting.

· Collect and maintain data needed to meet cybersecurity reporting requirements.

· Communicate the value of cybersecurity throughout all levels of the organization stakeholders.

· Collaborate with stakeholders to establish the business continuity plan and ensure that cyber security requirements are integrated into it.

· Ensure that security improvement actions are evaluated, validated, and implemented as required.

· Ensure that protection and detection capabilities are acquired or developed using the IS security engineering approach and are consistent with organization-level cybersecurity architecture.

· Establish overall enterprise information security architecture with the organization’s overall security strategy.

· Interpret and/or approve security requirements relative to the capabilities of new information technologies.

· Interpret patterns of noncompliance to determine their impact on levels of risk and/or overall effectiveness of the entity’s cybersecurity program.

· Manage the monitoring of information security data sources to maintain organizational situational awareness.

· Manage threat or target analysis of cyber defense information and production of threat information within the entity.

· Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the entity’s cybersecurity safeguards to ensure that they provide the intended level of protection.

· Oversee the cyber security training and awareness program.

· Develop and apply appropriate Risk Management Strategy.

· Participate in the periodic risk assessments during the Security Assessment and Authorization process.

· Recognize a possible security violation and take appropriate action to report the incident, as required.

· Recommend policy and coordinate review and approval.

· Supervise or manage protective or corrective measures when a cybersecurity incident or vulnerability is discovered.

· Review investigations after breaches or incidents, including impact analysis and recommendations for avoiding similar vulnerabilities.

· Track audit findings and recommendations to ensure that appropriate mitigation actions are taken.

· Oversee policy and standards and implementation strategies to ensure procedures and guidelines comply with cyber security policies.

· Establish an appropriate security governance structure, models and program, and oversee Risk

· Governance process.

· Continuously validate the entity’s compliance against policies/guidelines/procedures/regulations/laws.

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