Building maintenance engineer Full-time Job

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Job responsibilities

Setting specifications for electrical and water devices, equipment, and machines in a way that contributes to improving the efficiency of using the water and electrical resources available in the Ministry’s building and its affiliated facilities, in accordance with technical and environmental specifications and security, safety, and sustainability standards.

Establishing preventive schedules for carrying out maintenance operations on tools and equipment to ensure their continued operation at a high level of efficiency, and monitoring the performance of various equipment and equipment to ensure that their manufacturing, operation and maintenance adhere to the specifications and terms of agreement contained in the contracts.

Preparing files and analytical papers related to developing the Ministry’s plan regarding the maintenance needs of the building and facilities, to ensure that all operations, equipment, and buildings are maintained in accordance with agreed upon standards in coordination with the concerned departments.

Inventorying the periodic, preventive and emergency maintenance work for the Ministry’s building, halls and all facilities affiliated with the Ministry’s building, preparing maintenance plans for that in coordination with the relevant department and submitting relevant recommendations and reports.

Analyzing, evaluating and preparing reports and studies on comprehensive maintenance completion rates and ensuring their implementation in accordance with the required standards and within the approved budget levels to ensure effective decision-making.

Preparing analytical studies, statistics, technical and periodic reports on modern maintenance methods, machines, processes and equipment, while proposing innovative systems that contribute to the effectiveness of improving and developing work in accordance with international best practices.

Monitoring and studying the variables and developments related to the implementation of the prepared maintenance programs, while presenting any required change through standard and comparative studies in accordance with best practices and preparing relevant analytical reports.

Preparing and implementing methodologies, manuals and technical conditions for managing the structure and facilities in a way that ensures efficient use and safety and provides an appropriate and safe environment for users.

Developing plans and studies that contribute to improving energy efficiency, rationalizing water consumption, and meeting all requirements and standards for green buildings within the practices applied to the Ministry’s building and facilities.


Bachelor's/Master's degree in civil or electrical engineering or equivalent in a similar discipline.

Company Description
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) reflects the bright face and character of the UAE Society and serves as its window to the outer world, communicating the thoughts and vision of the UAE leadership, asserting the values of peaceful coexistence, and lending help and assistance for all those who might need it. The Ministry stresses the importance of attaining global peace and amicably resolving international disputes through dialogue and legal arbitrary.
Through its embassies, directorates and diplomatic missions around the globe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation serves as the connecting link between the wise leadership and people of the UAE on one side and the whole World on the other side. The Ministry, while striving to strengthen friendship and collaboration ties with other countries, is working hard to safeguard UAE people interests and to enhance the economic and cultural development and peace in the world efforts that have earned the UAE citizens wide respect everywhere in the world, and promoted the image of the UAE on the regional and international settings.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is mandated with several tasks and responsibilities that include: setting the country's foreign policy, supervising the execution thereof, and coordinating with other competent authorities in the country, undertaking the supervision of all foreign relations, including organizing the country's participation in organizations, conferences, and exhibitions, protecting the interests of the country and its citizens abroad, and promoting the image of the country and its values and policies.