Account Receivable Specialist Full-time Job

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Job Details


Account Opening:

Skillfully create customer accounts in the ERP system, ensuring strict adherence to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for customer account setup.

Maintain an organized filing system for all supporting documents associated with customer accounts.

Transaction Posting:

Precisely record collection receipts according to the details provided on the respective invoices.

Proficiently manage Debit/Credit notes and customer advances to facilitate accurate reconciliation.

Execute necessary journal entries to reconcile customer invoices, penalties, and bank charges.

Process & Verification:

Thoroughly examine and verify sales invoices within the ERP system and through physical validation on a monthly basis. Compliance with year-end closing requirements is essential.

Validate original sales invoices featuring customer signatures and stamps.

Verify the authenticity of original Delivery Orders (DO) with customer endorsements.

Diligently oversee and control Receipt books (both new and old), Post-Dated Checks (PDC), and currently received cheques. Immediate deposit of current dated checks is required.

Dispatch statements of accounts to customers via fax and email. Subsequent follow-up with the collection team is crucial for timely payment.

Conduct reconciliations to clear customer advance accounts.

Proactively implement account blocks in accordance with instructions from collection meetings. Simultaneously, notify sales personnel and other relevant departments via email.

Prepare three Dunning letters as per collection meeting directives.

Compose various types of letters as per the unique requirements of individual customers.

Reporting & Analysis:

Display proficiency in completing month-end postings well in advance of the calendar closing date.

Prepare schedules to facilitate the write-off of invoices after securing the necessary approvals.

Generate meticulously updated collection reports on a daily basis using Excel.

Accurately compute collector commission and cross-verify against data in the ERP system.

Maintain monthly schedules outlining customer advances.

Collaborate seamlessly with Auditors by providing schedules and details essential for the audit process in relation to Accounts Receivable.

Key Qualities

Aptitude for intricate numerical computations and generation of comprehensive reports.

Exceptional presentation and negotiation skills.

Advanced proficiency in Excel.

Display sound judgment, professionalism, credibility, and discretion.

Possess outstanding interpersonal skills conducive to collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Strong commitment to achieving results.

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